Wedoonow actively participates in the production process starting from the orchard, harvest, sorting, packing and delivery to the final customer.

We develop and encourage cooperation between growers. We understand that joint efforts in a coordinated manner is a virtuous circle for all parties. We implement quality standards according to customer requirements and generate scale, we group more than 600h that currently produce 500tn, with a production projection of more than 1000 tons in five years.
We integrate into the commercial value chain those growers who share our vision, passion and principles.

The technical support in the cultivation tasks, the training and permanent monitoring is a guarantee of quality and yielding of the orchards.

We work together with Public Organizations, seeking to encourage the participation of growers, standardize production criteria to reach customers with excellent quality product. Specialized government units and programs provide advice to walnut growers.

Professionalism, the experience of more than 20 years in Foreign Trade, together with the passion we put in what we do guarantees our business processes. Long-term work, added value and customer loyalty is our priority.

We seek to identify customer needs to offer a customized product and service.

“We can't let the trees die. Trees are for our grandchildren.“
Mary Lou Cook (Pacifist).


Leadership Team

Diego Santos

Based in Patagonia Argentina since 1997. Business manager. Co-founder of Exter Neuquén SRL, year 2000, pest control and management services company for Food Industry. Founder of CHARO SA, year 2008, Construction company. Founder of ARKA Patagonia SA, 2012 developer, real estate and services. Co-founder of Wedoonow, year 2018, producer and exporter of nuts.

Rodrigo Scianca

LAWYER-NOTARY Graduated from the National University of La Plata (Bs As) in 1996. Specialized in Civil and Commercial jurisdiction. Legal advisor for the Energy, Oil and Gas industry. Business Consultant. He has participated as an active member in different 2nd level institutions and civil associations of lawyers, such as the Council of the Magistracy of the Province of Río Negro (senior advisor), law school of Alto Valle Oeste (Vice President). It is part of third generation family growers of pip fruit (pears and apples) based in Rio Negro valley since 1899.- Co-founder of Wedoonow in 2018.

Roman Jodorcovsky

Bachelor of International Commerce from the University of Montreal, B.A.A. from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), trilingual: French, English and Spanish. With more than 20 years of experience in international commerce of food (meat & fruits), he is involved in business development. He works actively in markets such as: Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Co-founder of Wedoonow in 2018. Roman is responsible for the development of customers and new markets.